Yale Law School Professor Salary

Over the past 35 years, the average salary Yale pays to full professors – with the exception of those in the School of Medicine – has declined relative to the average salary of professors at peer institutions. Enemies of tenure argue that such built-in job security increases the cost of legal education and creates a two-tier system among teachers by giving some people jobs for life and others by remaining permanently precarious. Even a tenured position, tenure opponents say, makes it difficult for law school administrators to adapt faculty expertise and hire staff who can teach skills such as legal writing or data management. Given the decline in employment among law graduates, law school enrollment fell by 30% in all fields. Few law schools are open about their finances, and many are administratively hidden in major universities, allowing their compensation practices to remain opaque. However, with such a large percentage of law school revenues being cut, many administrators are trying new ways to balance the books. Professors at Ivy League universities and colleges hold some of the most prestigious jobs in the country. So it`s no surprise that Ivy League faculty are paid handsomely for their contributions to education. University of Pennsylvania professors receive generous salaries — they earn an average of $217,411 per year. There are more than 5,000 faculty at Penn, and they offer «an integrated, multidisciplinary view,» according to the university`s website. According to publicly available data from the American Association of University Professors, the ratio between the average salary of the university`s full professors and the average salary offered to full professors at five of Yale`s counterparts—Harvard, Columbia, the University of Chicago, Stanford, and Princeton—fell by nearly 10 percent between 1980-81 and 2016-17.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the average salary for Yale professors was $209,500, while salaries at Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia were $227,000, $229,400, and $244,000, respectively. Much of this decline has occurred over the past 10 years, said Anthony Smith, professor of economics and chair of the Faculty of Arts and Science`s Committee on the Economic Status. • SALT`s latest salary figures for the 88 law schools surveyed show the highest average salaries for tenured professors at these schools: FORTUNE – It works like clockwork: When companies get into trouble, managers cut salaries and expenses. If only it were that simple for the multimillion-dollar law industry that stands on the wall, trying to make up for shrinking budgets while preserving academic freedom for employees. The Albany Law School in New York, for example, turned its attempt to buy eight professors into a skirmish. Administrators say the school`s budget has been weakened due to declining enrollment, necessitating a reduction in the highest-paid staff. Budget conflicts are likely to continue unless there is a recovery in student enrolment. The American Bar Association had planned to consider an attempt to reorganize the term as a condition of accreditation at its annual meeting this summer. But a parade of professors attending an Association of American Law Schools meeting in January spoke out against the decision. A recent study by the Office of U.S. Court Administration of the salaries of professors and deans at the twenty-five law schools ranked top the U.S.

News and World Report`s annual survey found that the average salary for deans at those schools was $301,639. The average base salary for full professors in these law schools was $209,571, and summer research and teaching supplements generally ranged from $33,000 to $80,000. • The latest salary data puts the median salary of the dean at $229,561 and the average salary of a law professor at $136,634. According to data collected by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Ivy League faculty all earned more than $175,000 a year in 2017. By comparison, the average base salary for a university professor in 2019 is $94,868, according to Glassdoor. Adjusted for inflation, the average dean`s salary of $301,639 in the top 25 law schools would be worth $338,023 today, while the base salary of $209,571 for full professors would be $234,850, which, combined with inflation-adjusted summer scholarships of $36,981 to $89,650. would bring the total compensation of full professors in the top 25 law schools from $271,831 to $324,500. In March, the ABA`s Legal Education Section received a second round of warnings that abolishing the term would harm the academic and personal views of law professors. At $223,427 per year, Columbia professors earn the second highest salary. Columbia has a total enrollment of 30,454 students and employs 4,205 faculty members. The cost of participation in Columbia is $59,430 per year. » How much is the discount for a faculty position? ProfessorBainbridge.com ® Let`s assume that the old saw, those who can`t teach are wrong and most law professors (at least those who teach real law topics that have at least tangential relevance to legal practice, as opposed to those who [Read more] So, are law professors really at risk when they express their opinions? There are demands to censor or fire lawyers who hold opposing views or ideas, says William Treanor, dean of Georgetown University School of Law, which employs 120 professors and about 500 associate professors.

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