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Anything but original, but very feasible and very close to whisky. The process of distilling whisky is very simple. For this procedure, only a beer purchased in a mini-distillery is used to distill the whisky. The urge to want to do things yourself that you find fascinating is an all-too-human undertaking. And since the ingredients of whisky are easy to obtain, the idea for whisky lovers is obvious to make it themselves at home. But while for liquor, for example, you only need fruit from the garden, purchased potable alcohol, sugar and a little time to brew, whisky production requires special equipment. Moreover, it is long and often illegal. But be careful! When distilling, you need to take into account that pure alcohol alone tastes like alcohol. A single malt whisky only tastes like whisky, as it also contains heavier oils and fats as well as light esters and other aromas from the wash. If the distillation process of whisky is exaggerated, it will also lose its own character.

1) Make your own whiskey as a hobby – here you can legally burn yourself! Well founded and detailed with enough time for tastings: «big» 1.5-day seminar Make whisky yourself as a hobby! Want to learn how whisky is made at this event? Then lend a hand: First, a puree of whiskey is prepared together. Then, each participant distills their own whisky. The intermediate theory deals with raw materials, whisky production, regional differences, and wood science as it relates to storage. Plus, there`s plenty of time for whisky tasting among the nearly 500 types of whisky available at the «big» seminar.2) Whisky Tasting/Whisky Seminar (3 hours)Embark on an interactive whisk(e)y tasting tour through Scotland or start a trip around the world (Scotland – Ireland – USA – Canada – Japan – Rest of Europe)! Dip your nose into the depths of the whisky experience and learn all about its production and the characteristics of each whisky. More than 500 whiskies are waiting to be discovered by you during the 3-hour whisky seminar or whisky tasting. Also at the place of your choice. The perfect gift idea! Also available as a VOUCHER! The perfect event for the senses for groups of 8 or more people – whether it`s a corporate event, incentives, birthday parties, bachelor parties, Father`s Day excursion or a club event! Where: Genuss-Akademie.tirol – Unterwies 1 – in A-6682 Vils / Tirol. Vils is located on the border of the Allgäu between Füssen, Pfronten and Reutte.Of course, you can also offer the seminar or whisky tasting or «make whisky yourself» as a voucher! I look forward to your request! Aggressive blows are undesirable in raw whisky and are therefore not introduced into the collection vessel by changing the distillation stream in the Spirit Safe. The main image above is shown here again for the exact tracking of the Spirit Safe task. Is alcohol distillation illegal? In principle, the production of spirits is only allowed in closed or compensatory distilleries. Thus the distillation of the must to obtain high-strength alcohol, or the purification of alcohol after maceration, as is often the case with gin, for example.

Of course, the same works with a distilled wine, which is quickly transformed into a sweet cognac by the aroma of brandy. If you still do not want to miss the taste of keg storage, you should definitely fill the oak wood chips in the bottle after cooking the whiskey, and then store them properly. These statements refer only to the legal distillation of schnapps as a hobby, i.e. on a private basis. Commercial shooting is not included! This completes a complete distillation. The distillation balance for the second distillation in the following table shows the quantity of raw whisky produced. In the assumed example of 30,000 liters of washing with 10% vol., the amount of alcohol obtained by distillation of about 2,780 liters corresponds to a yield of 9.27%. The idea of saving money by producing whisky yourself is also obsolete. In addition to investment costs, the amount that can be burned yourself without a large pot or column is far too small to be profitable. And since you can already get a very good whiskey for little money without having to ripen it for years, the money-saving factor is also eliminated.

There is always the motivation to make whisky himself as a gift: «Uncle Walter loves whisky, let`s make it his own kind for his 60th birthday.» What may seem like the perfect gift idea at first glance is rather inappropriate at second glance. On the one hand, gifts should be planned at least three years in advance, on the other hand, it is very likely that true whisky connoisseurs such as Uncle Walter prefer whisky professionally produced by master distillers and blenders and aged for decades to that of the nephew`s garage. In general, the question of whether the distillation of alcohol is illegal must be answered in the affirmative. Malt, i.e. malted barley, is the basis for brewing beer and distilling whisky. Malt is needed to transfer starch into sugar, so alcohol results at all. For the distillation of whisky and the brewing of beer, only grain is normally used, usually wheat or barley, rye or corn. Here, the grain is first soaked until the grains begin to germinate.

Then the grain is dried and roasted. Only then does malt processing shift. For brewing beer, yeast and hops are added, while for burning whisky, only water is used for fermentation, and therefore for the production of alcohol. Mini-distilleries up to a size of 3 liters can be purchased legally and without permission in Switzerland. These stills can be used to produce essential oils and herbal essences of all kinds. Spirit Still has the greatest influence on the taste of raw whisky. In order for the alcohol and flavors to separate better from the water, the second distillation is carried out much more deliberately. For this reason, minds don`t need windows to watch the boiling bottom win.

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